Featuring digital synths, acoustc piano, electric guitar, electric bass and percussion. Mixi — Текила Фанк 3: Inspirational, motivational and light background tune with beautiful and atmospheric melody. A beautiful relaxing chillhop track in the summer city mood. I used electric guitar, muted guitar, piano, staccato strings, bass, drums, Glock, bright pads. Upbeat and happy modern dance music, with a great energy and young mood, featuring bright and wide expansive synth pads, pumping drum beat.

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exxtravel Dark EDM track perfect for commercials, presentations, advertisement projects, high-tech product review, showreel, fashion shows and other events. A beautiful cinematic piece featuring melancholic Asian style cello, optimistic piano and synth pads.

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Featuring electric guitars, digital synth, and soft drums. Fresh, energetic, modern dance track with a tropical mood for incredible projects such as youtube videos, fitness workout videos, beauty vlogs, or presentation. Hot pumping pop dance track, very energetic and catchy. Good production audio музвка the slideshow, presentation, youtube, advertising, business project, motivational and successful videos, inspiring moments, bright achievements, film scores.

Perfect choice for corporate videos, digital marketing, websites, tutorials, innovative projects, explainers, presentations, slideshows, YouTube. Mid-tempo synthpop track with good vibes. Fun, positive, joyful, upbeat, inspirational and motivational acoustic background track with a happy melody of whistles, музыкка and bells.

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This gentle track can be perfect background music for any project like inspirational narration, travel video, catchy Youtube story, technology videos, innovate videos, education and other lovely media. Sparkling and acoustic indie background music track with acoustic guitars, claps, tambourine, acoustic drums, bells, piano, bass.


Music is such an integral part of life; you hear music in the background at stores, while using public transportation, visiting the dentist, it is practically everywhere you go. Great track for drone videos, sky timelapse, urban space, and other stylish projects.

Traveler’s music | Музыка твоей души | VK

Upbeat, uplifting and energetic Latin Salsa музыуа, featuring percussion and brass section. A track that will make you want to музыкп and travel the world. An electronic track with organic elements.

Сложена гряда известняками имеет легкий наклон к северу и отвесные обрывы к югу. Крым издавна славится своим неповторимым климатом, живописными пейзажами и ласковым морем. Mixi — Только я и ты Танцевальный поп 3: Если вышесказанное Вам уже знакомо — не сомневаюсь что Вы хотите снова попасть в этот волшебный мир.

A bright, optimistic, uplifting and inspiring pop rock piece. Алексей Николаев и Вадим Алферов — музыканты и авторы песен, представители Одинцовского рока и хард Would also work perfectly for fashion shows, summer and beach party moods, elevator music, hotel and spa atmosphere background extraveel more. Белые птицы Наталья Пчелинцева. Such as stylish youtube videos, fitness workout, trendy fashion show, travel videos, beauty and lifestyle vlogs, commercials and more.


Happy and bright track, featuring melodic cheerful ukulele, breezy acoustic guitar and a light electric guitar that create a carefree mood. Great for fashion-related media, videos, mobile app, commercials or catwalk show. Первое музык на фестивале — 3 вещи, которые надо знать. Music affects many areas of the brain.

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Mixi — Между мной и тобой Хаус 4: A relaxing and peaceful, uplifting inspirational acoustic track with an organic and light instrumentation of acoustic guitars, piano, warm string pads and tasteful modern percussion of airy snaps, shakers, and claps.

This energetic track is great for youthful commercials, uplifting travelog, business projects, vacation videos and sunny holidays, and more. This track is suitable for advertising, commercials, promo videos, happy advertisement, cartoon animation, YouTube educative content and other projects.

A beautiful relaxing chillhop track in the summer city mood. Used ukulele, whistling, banjo and drums.

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